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 Like Music?

Award winning composer Will Musser has put together a sweeping track to encompass the whole Dragon’s Blade Trilogy. You can find more of his work here


Artist David North has crafted some beautiful sketches of characters from Dragon’s Blade which I have compiled into a free artwork bundle.

This image is of Dukoona, Lord of the Spectres.

Also in the bundle are images of Darnuir, The Guardian’s Blade & The Dragon’s Blade, demons of Rectar’s horde, Ochnic the Frost Troll and the two wizards Brackendon and Castallan.

You can get them all for yourself by following this download link.


Book trailer!

These things were all the rage about 5 years ago but they never really worked for books. Oh well. It’s still quite cool and I do love the music we picked out!

It’s also old now, made when book 1 first launched in late 2015. The map is out of date. The blurb is better now.

A nice piece of memorabilia for the series nonetheless :)


World Map for The Dragon’s Blade

Map final colour.jpg