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Hello and thank you for helping me promote my boxset in audio! I paid for a re-recording of book 1 so I need to sell about 800-900 copies of this thing to break even! As such I appreciate everyone who is helping me out here. Selling audio is VERY hard so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Please find all the info you need below - images and links too. If you want the image file emailed to you, please just ask me.

Selling Point - value for 1 credit

The main focus of your push to readers/listeners is the value for a credit. This is 46 hours of epic fantasy for just ONE credit.

People can also grab the ebook boxset for $3.99 (or possibly 99c depending on dates) and can then buy the audio boxset at a huge discount via Whyspersync.

Of the two points, I’d focus on the 46 hours for just ONE credit.

Links to audio boxset

US link

UK link

France link


Ebook boxset link (if needed)

Universal link -


Short blurb:

An epic redemption story about an arrogant prince of dragons who is reborn, raised by humans, and must learn to the king that his past self never was. A fast-paced epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of Phil Tucker, David Estes, and Brandon Sanderson.

Full blurb:

An Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Title! Includes All Three Books in the Dragon's Blade Trilogy.

Arrogant. Scornful. Full of pride. Darnuir, prince of dragons, cares nothing for the damage he's doing to the faltering alliance against the Shadow. He thinks himself invincible - right up till a mortal wound forces him to undergo a dangerous rebirthing spell, leaving him a helpless babe in human hands.

Twenty years pass and demonic forces are poised to sweep across the land. With the alliance between humanity, dragons, and fairies fracturing, Darnuir will have to uncover the secrets of his past, seek redemption for his sins, and rally the disparate races if they are to survive.

Only Darnuir can do this. For he's the last member of the royal bloodline and only he can wield the Dragon's Blade.

His second chance is the world's last hope.

A fast-paced epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of Phil Tucker, David Estes, and Brandon Sanderson.