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I’ve Been Where You Are

In November 2015 I understood next to nothing about launching and marketing books online. Everything I have learned since has come from dedicated study, consumption of industry blogs, podcasts and deep discussions with other indie authors. 

It’s the bank of knowledge and experience I didn’t realise I would need back in 2015. And I would have benefited hugely from it.  

I’d have saved a lot of time, effort and money.

Or I may not have. Sadly, there are no guarantees with this business and it’s often a moving target. Advertising platforms change, and Amazon tweak’s it’s algorithms, categories and product pages from time to time.  

What worked in 2010 or even 2016 is unlikely to work now.

You must stay on top of it.

Michael is not only a great mentor, he’s also a mastermind strategist. His advice changed my career!
— J.D. Netto

Why Me?

I’ve worked in the Digital & Marketing Department of Bloomsbury, co-founded Portal Books - a digital publishing company set to launch 8 books in 2019 - and hit numerous bestselling charts – including the top 100 paid store on (#94 to be precise).

There are other major courses out there on self-publishing, most notably Mark Dawson’s 101 and Advertising courses, and while these are comprehensive, they are designed for a general audience and not tailored to your specific situation.

A more focused and targeted approach to you and your book/s will allow for intensive but actionable sessions where you can begin to take steps to further your author career right away.

How It Works

First, you should email me by filling out the contact form below.  

I will then send you a questionnaire to be filled out. Take your time with this and enter as much detail as possible. Once you send it back, we’ll arrange a time to have a Skype call and determine which area you wish to focus the discussion on most. 

Prices are as follows:

30 mins - £35 / $40 / CA $60

60 mins - £60 / $75 / CA $95

Book a 1:1 Session With Me

Use the contact form below to tell me about yourself and which area of self-publishing you need help with the most.

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