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There are two epic novellas for the Songs of Chaos series (Last Stand of the Stone Fist) and The Dragon's Blade series (The Huntress). Get your FREE ebook AND audiobook when you join the mailing list.

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A troubled past. War in the present. A dark future. 

Brode grew up a bastard in Athra, looked down upon as a child of chaos. Sent away to the dragon riders as a squire, Brode counted it his luckiest day when Silas Brightbark of Coedhen vouched for him to join their ranks. Now a Champion in the Order he faces the largest incursion the world has ever seen. 

Sent on a far flung mission to the Disputed Lands, Brode and Silas discover a remote town not on any map. It's a town of outcasts, of broken people, of folk that order has forgotten. As a scourge swarm gathers nearby, Brode and Silas face the toughest fight and decision of their lives.

A NOTE TO READERS: The paperback and hardback edition contains BOTH Last Stand of the Stone Fist and The Huntress. 

Seven hundred years before Darnuir was King, dragons and humans were at war. Explore the Second War through the eyes of Elsie, a lowly huntress from the Cairlav Marshes.

Unprepared. Heartbroken. And mother to a newborn son. Elsie the huntress is forced to leave her child behind to lead a desperate defense of her homeland. A run-in with the Dragon Prince Dronithir changes everything, setting a new direction for the war and forcing Elsie to make the ultimate choice: her duty or her family.

This 2023 edition is a full, ground-up rework and expansion of the old story into an over 30,000 novella. 

A NOTE TO READERS: I would recommend readers enjoy this novella AFTER reading The Dragon's Blade series, however, you may read it ay any stage, including before starting book 1 (The Reborn King) if you wish.

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