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The final book in the Dragon's Blade trilogy.

As winter wanes, the fragile bonds of the Three Races begin to break. With Darnuir recovering from his addiction, and Blaine reclusive in the hallways of his Order, it falls to Lira to manage the mounting tension between the humans and zealous dragons before catastrophe strikes from within the city walls.

In Brevia, King Arkus unveils his new weapons to the Assembly of Lords, but is it a gift to his people or a threat? Cassandra fears the latter and vows to curb her father’s new unchecked power that she herself helped to create. 

And beneath the burned mountain of Kar’drun, Dukoona suffers at the hands of his Master. His one hope now lies in the crippled spectre Sonrid, who is forcing his broken body back to the mountain in order to play his part, or die and be free from his pained existence.

Darnuir awakes weakened and to an alliance on the brink. He must, at last, become the leader the dragons need, but will he be too late to save his people, not just from Rectar, but from years of their own mistakes?

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